Africa is currently witnessing deeply entrenched digital transformation processes. Digital transformation is affecting and improving the stakes for several industries in the continent, including those central to development issues and concerns, such as, agriculture, energy production, transport and infrastructures.

In agriculture, the progressive integration of agricultural technologies into reformed agricultural processes has demonstrated the potency of digital transformation as a factor improving the yield of arable lands. A significant number of entrepreneurs have also focused on providing FinTech solutions for farmers. The sector is thus burgeoning with activity and dynamism, specifically in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana; 82 agro-technology start-ups currently operates in 16 African countries.

In energy, several new generation of technologically advanced power plants are being built or currently being planned across the continent. In Cameroon, for instance, several initiatives are being implemented that will help ensure a steady supply of energy, and improved efficiency of the electrical grid in majors Cameroonian cities.  These includes the construction of a new, gas-fired, power plant, the Kribi natural gas floating production plant, and the new hydroelectric dam at Memve’ele.

It is also relevant to mention other such interesting projects; including the project for the construction of railway networks connecting Algeria to South Africa. This colossal project, envisioned by   Algeria’s Issad Rebrab, will create a vast African network   that will eventually link all African countries and thus boost economies and trade. We should also mention also    the new Oran terminal, a jewel of green technologies; or the young Kenyan who recently famously created his own Solar Car. Let’s discuss this further on the 15th and 16th October of 2018 at the International Forum on African Digital Potential in Montreal.

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