About Tunisie-Afrique-Export

Three co-founders; Mr. Néjib Ben Miled CEO of the Tunis International Trade Fair Company (SFIT), Mr. Taoufik Mlayah CEO of the Tunisian International Trade Corporation (SCIT) and Mr. Férid Tounsi former CEO of the CEPEX and former Director of the API .

The brains that created the International Exhibition of Information Technologies and Communication SITIC Africa whose fourth edition in Tunis is fast approaching. It is with great willingness that these three men combine their skills and knowledge and serve decision-makers, employers, IT employees in Africa and the rest of the world. They facilitate exchanges between people from the IT sector.

In addition to the SITIC Africa-Canada which will take place from October 14 to 15, 2019 in Montreal, the next edition of SITIC Africa will take place in Tunis from June 19 to 20, 2019, be ready!

On Sitic Africa-Canada

Contacts Monde, Tunisie-Afrique-Export and Mangrove MTL share the same goals, while co-engineering the success of Sitic Africa-Canada, the Forum on African Digital Potential, that of creating avenues for collaboration between Africa and Canada on TIC.

Africa’s future depends on its ability to quick-start and sustain a technological revolution from within. Such processes are steadily taking shape and several majors infrastructures projects are underway that benefits from support and financing from national institutions and governments as well as international organisations and financial institutions.

One such prominent example is that of the Konza Technology City currently being planned in Kenya and that seeks ‘to contribute to the consolidation and harmonization of innovation efforts by supporting the creation of a vibrant Innovation Ecosystem’ in Africa.

The African Union has also deployed several major and commendable projects across the continent, including the much-needed African Initiative of the Great Green Wall (IAGMV). IAGMV “operational approach is holistic, ecosystem-based, multi-sectoral, integrated development, taking into account the interactions triptychs EDC Environment / Climate / Development. (…) The overall objective is first, to fight against desert encroachment by the proven practices of sustainable land management and strengthening and protection of natural resources and systems of production and processing…”.

Now is therefore the time to take on African markets ripe for intrepid technological innovation, courageous business ventures, and fair cooperation. Creating the space for decision-makers in business and government, from both Africa and North-America, to meet and discuss the African digital potential is the first step towards that goal.

What role can Canadian and North-American enterprises and institutions play in the continent? Let’s discuss this further on the 15th and 16th October of 2018 at the International Forum on African Digital Potential in Montreal.