About Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada, Federal Government Department for Diplomatic and Consular Relations, Stimulating International Trade and Organizing Canada’s International Assistance. There are several areas that perfectly define the policy established by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service: Helping companies explore new markets, consider international expansion, commercialize technology, recruit or enter into international partnerships, attract investors to Canada. Global Affairs Canada invites the public to learn about projects and programs that Canada supports in international development. Global Affairs Canada leads Canada’s international aid efforts to reduce poverty and inequality by leveraging Canadian expertise and financial resources, providing bilateral development assistance and institutional support to multilateral organizations. international.gc.ca Global Affairs Canada is interested in… Read More

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New partners SITIC Africa-Canada

In addition to TFO Canada, who joined the ISTIC Africa-Canada 2018 organization, last week, it was Global Affairs Canada’s turn to join the list of partners of the African Digital Potential Forum: Mangrove, Tunisia-Africa-Export, The League of Africans of Canada, the Montreal Center for Business and Innovation (CEIM), the Pan-African Council of Quebec (COPAQ). Indeed, TFO Canada is responsible for the e-commerce panel. more+ Global Affairs Canada is interested in the environment of African and Canadian startups. Our partner Mangrove will set up a specific workshop to discuss the startup phenomenon, their contribution to economic development and the strengthening of technical cooperation links between Africa and Canada. It is recalled… Read More

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About TFO Canada

TFO Canada soutient les activités commerciales de plus de 1 200 exportateurs des pays en développement, 1 200 organismes de soutien au commerce et plus de 1 800 importateurs canadiens.” C'est par des opportunités de commerce international durables que TFO Canada facilite le progrès des PME des pays en développement.

Cet organisme regroupe des experts en commerce et est au service des pays en développement.

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