Usually in Tunis in Tunisia, SITIC Africa is exported to West Africa, more precisely to Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire this year 2022. With a program adapted to the needs of economic operators working in the field of IT, c t is therefore an appointment that is made with leaders, decision-makers and innovators. Africa needs solutions adapted to its economic and social context and if you have developed or intend to develop solutions in the digital field for States or for local populations, you are welcome.

The objective pursued is to give visibility to your company with more than 5,000 international professional visitors from Africa, Asia, Europe and America. A pavilion will be reserved for Canadian companies and pre-programmed B2B meetings that are as interesting as they are enriching will be offered to you. In addition to the 5 FinTech, E-Health, Industry 4.0, Training 4.0, E-Agriculture forums on the program. Come and meet the institutions, stakeholders and people who are committed to contributing to the development of digital technology in Africa. To learn more, visit SITIC AFRICA 2022